Our Business
SSCPL, a Mehta Group, aims to be a world class Textile Organization producing very high quality yarn for the Global Textile Market using resources to diversify and integrate operations into a dynamic and modern enterprise.
SSCPL, a Mehta Group has already ventured into POWER generation. Captive Power will be generated from own WINDMILL in capacity of 2.50 MW and also intending to go for SOLAR Power generation and has vision of expansion of captive Power to 25 MW in near future.
Group Philosophy
  • Executing and continuous expansion on “what we know the best” as we focus on the successful future of the Global textile market.
  • A complete focus on maximizing operational efficiencies and adopting a multidisciplinary approach.
  • Integrated diversification and product range expansion.
  • Including a world class infrastructure, being the best in technology and uncompromising quality standards with dynamic product innovation.
  • Motivating individual potentials and respecting human values. Employees are our treasured assets together we shape a better future.
  • Encouraging innovative methods for constant improvements and achieving excellence in all functional areas.
  • Accepting change as a way of life.