Shree Siddhivinayak Cotspin Private Limited

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Our Journey

Our late Chairman Shri Jaswantrai Damodardas Mehta founded The Mehta Group in the year 1978 which was involved in Cotton Trading and Marketing activities. Over the year, Mehta Group excellence in the quality procurement of Cotton and its trading.

In 1991, Shree Siddhivinayak Cotspin Private Limited (SSCPL) was founded by the Mehta Group under the leadership of Shri. J.D.Mehta. We started on basic idea of running closed mills on conversion basis in Maharashtra.

We have specialized ourselves in the art of Cotton Ginning to the extent that every raw cotton has a finishing story. To our satisfaction, we have our own horticulture, where we can ensure the best quality in our hands by the choice of seeds to the required cotton and the perfect time for cotton harvesting. Our services with state of art equipment’s like Auto doffing long ring frames of 1632 spindles and HVI spectrum/ UT-5 Afis machines for the R&D team. Making a mark in this industry for more than 3 decades, we have surpassed the word ‘quality’ and reached perfection through expertise in farming and technology.

Known as a textile house since years, we now walk in the direction of being renowned and working on continuous endeavours in the area of environment conservation like including wind mill farms, reservoir, water harvesting in our 28.3 acres of land along with the textile spinning plant, the horticulture farm and staff quarters. As we take up every challenge of expanding beyond the textile industry and venturing into different arenas like real estate and farming with cost-effective solution.

Believing in our motto, ‘Being small, we offer big’, we at SSCPL offer a spectrum on all products and value added products. Based on the unconventional and latest machineries, we move on to integration by developing into technical textiles and knitting and weaving.